Stay Hydrated, Alert and Productive by Avoiding These Beverages

Stay Hydrated, Alert and Productive by Avoiding These Beverages

Many factors affect your everyday working condition. From meeting deadlines to starting another task, these activities can become a bit of a drag. Staying hydrated is important to ensure that your body is in good condition so you can stay alert, maintain your concentration and be as productive as you can be.

To stay hydrated, here are three beverages you should avoid:

Artificially Sweetened Drinks. Drinks containing large doses of sugar should be avoided as they can dehydrate your body. They can add to your body’s toxic weight and can create an acidic environment in your body. This impedes enzyme function, which can badly affect your kidneys.

According to the American Heart Association, sugar intake should be limited to not more than half of your daily calorie allowance. Men are recommended to have a daily calorie intake of 150 calories (approximately nine teaspoons) and women, 100 calories (approximately six teaspoons).

Caffeinated Energy Drinks. You may need caffeinated energy drinks at times to keep your mind alert and body responsive, especially if you work long hours. Although individuals respond to caffeine differently, these drinks must be taken in minimal amounts because they can boost your heart rate and blood pressure, which may cause palpitations. They may also dehydrate to your body and make it difficult for you to sleep.

Moreover, energy drinks should be avoided if you are engaging in strenuous activities and are working mostly under the sun. The combination of the diuretic quality of caffeine and fluid loss from sweating can make you severely dehydrated.

Avoid these beverages or keep your intake to a minimum to avoid water loss and fatigue. When you need to work in a convenient location and environment, consider Metro Offices as your office space in Arlington VA. We offer complimentary spring water to keep you hydrated working effectively.

We offer flexible workplace solutions to help you find an option that will suit your schedule, budget, and preference. Contact us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our Arlington office space and meeting space packages.

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