Mobility Offers Better Productivity to the Federal Workforce

Mobility Offers Better Productivity to the Federal Workforce

The continuous advancement in mobile computing is redefining the way we live. Both private and public sectors are benefitting from the convenience mobile technology brings to their day-to-day operations. Federal personnel, particularly, can work anytime anywhere using smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

Going mobile enables constant connectivity to get the job done while providing access to important data regardless of physical location. Mobile applications can also be used to organize schedules and tasks, boost productivity, and meet commitments across different areas.

MeriTalk, a public-private partnership that aims to develop the results of government IT, conducted the survey “Feds on the Go: Network Needs for Maximum Mobility.” The results of this study revealed increased productivity involving 209 federal managers during 2013. Federal agencies and taxpayers alike benefit from having a mobile federal workforce.

The survey revealed that 45% of federal workers stated they work better, 34% believed they are more available to their team, 28% felt more “tuned in” to work, and 28% frequently collaborated with colleagues as a result of mobile accessibility and remote connectivity.

Moreover, federal workers estimated that they will have seven hours of added productivity per week with reliable remote connectivity and mobile access to their agency. This is equivalent to 364 hours of additional productivity.

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