Staying in Compliance with DC Telework Requirements

Staying in Compliance with DC Telework Requirements

Are you all set to implement a DC telework solution in your office? Before you get started and run into a snag, use this checklist to make sure you are ready and in compliance with standards for federal agencies as outlined in §359 of Public Law 106-346.

Do You Have a Telework Coordinator?

Your agency must designated a dedicated telework coordinator who functions as the main point of contact for your employees.

Do You Have a Written Policy and Procedures Manual?

This is a key requirement of the telework statute. Managers need to know what’s in the manual so they can advise their employees and educate them about information security requirements. The manual should also outline the eligibility requirements for employees who wish to telework instead of approving each request one by one, based on subjective criteria. Devising and implementing a written strategy is a more proactive way to utilize teleworking in your agency. Include an agreement that clearly outlines expectations on both sides (manager and employee), such as when the teleworker will be available, who will provide technical assistance, and where completed work will be uploaded.

Do You Have a Training Program in Place?

DC telework coordinators, managers, and employees all need proper training to ensure that transmitted data stays secure.

What About Telework Equipment?

I recommend that you provide the equipment your teleworking employees are going to use. That way you can ensure it conforms to your safety standards. One thing you might want to consider is using Washington virtual office space to give offsite employees a place where they can meet with clients or co-workers and have access to a variety of resources they don’t have at home. Virtual office space allows teleworkers to use standard office equipment as needed without having to pay for duplicate equipment and its maintenance. This is also an excellent way to ensure that the latest technology is being used to create a safe environment for data transmittal.

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