Tips for Finding Affordable DC Office Space

Tips for Finding Affordable DC Office Space

You know that old adage about real estate, and particularly DC office space? The question is what are the three most important factors? The answer is, of course, location, location, location. But when it comes to finding an affordable office in the nation’s capital, there aren’t many choices.

According to a recent article in Inc. Magazine, Washington, DC has topped New York City as the city with the most expensive office rent in the country. The average rent for DC office space is about $48.96 per square foot, which is an increase of 3.9 percent over last year’s average. The rest of the country, on the other hand, saw a decline of 1.8 percent overall.

While most cities are left with an oversupply of office space, DC is just the opposite. High demand means that it’s not only difficult to find an office for rent but the rates are exorbitant.

What Are the Options for DC Office Space?

If you are looking for an office that fits into your budget, the first thing you can do is look beyond the city limits. Outlying areas tend to be a bit more affordable, but even suburbs are experiencing high demand right now so the inventory is slim.

A better option is to use Washington virtual offices. There are many advantages to this arrangement, not the least of which is the price. In addition to being much more affordable than an annual lease, virtual DC office space comes with everything you need already in place –from standard office equipment to high speed internet to personnel who can answer the phone, provide technical support, or design your website.

A third option is to encourage your employees to telework. Why not let them work from home and use a virtual office to meet face-to-face as necessary? This is a really economical option since you don’t need to pay for a month’s lease if you only require the office for a day or two.

There’s no doubt that finding affordable DC office space is a challenge. The good news is that a virtual office provides everything you need to get business done for a fraction of the cost of a regular lease.

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