Strike a Balance with DC Telework

Strike a Balance with DC Telework

As federal agencies are being encouraged to allow employees to take advantage of DC telework as an option, many are eagerly anticipating the absence of a commute to the office. But while telework is seen as a benefit by many people, it can also cause problems due to an inability to strike a balance between work and family life.

Let’s face it; in today’s world we are constantly surrounded by the technological devices that make staying in touch with others quick and convenient. We have our cell phones, smartphones or PDAs, laptops, netbooks, game consoles with wi-fi connectivity, and even television sets from which to check our email or surf the internet. There’s hardly a room in the house or a place you can go to escape the reach of technology – or a message from the boss.

All that technology makes it easy to communicate with others. We can attend a virtual conference online or be added to a phone call while miles away from the office. We can share our computer screens and utilize a cloud-based file storage system to update and collaborate on documents of any kind. This is all great stuff that makes DC telework a very viable option for nearly any business. But there’s also a downside.

Watch Out for DC Telework Hazards

Some employees have a hard time adjusting to a work from home schedule. They may see it as an opportunity to get more work done at any time of the day or night. They get involved in a project and end up putting an excessive amount of hours into it. While this may sound like a good problem to have, it’s really not helping your business in the long run.

Psychologist Martin Factor, has noted that “always-on connectivity may create anxiety when we disconnect.” Many who opt for DC telework are afraid that they’ll miss something major in the organization if they turn off their devices. This constant communication eventually leads to burnout.

Healthy, happy employees have to learn when to “shut it off” when working from home. It’s not a good idea to forgo other activities in favor of work on a regular basis. It’s definitely not healthy to keep a cell phone always turned on and a computer screen always blinking. Weekends and vacations should be email-free.

The Best DC Telework Solution

So what can you do to help employees strike a healthy balance between work and personal life? How about offering them the use of a virtual office?

Particularly for staffers who have a difficult time disconnecting from work, the ability to have office space near their home may just provide the right environment for promoting productivity while allowing the teleworker to walk away at the end of the day.

There are any number of Washington virtual offices that neatly fill the bill. They provide secure high speed internet access, private space, the latest office equipment, and even personnel to provide technical support and administrative services. This is also the ideal situation when work-from-home employees need to meet with a coworker or client.

The key to successful DC telework is striking a balance between work and home life. Ensure your employees don’t overdo it and give them a place where they can retreat to, if necessary. Healthy, happy employees are assets to your team.

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