Telework Emerges as an Increasingly Viable and Attractive Option for Businesses and Employees

Telework Emerges as an Increasingly Viable and Attractive Option for Businesses and Employees

A report from 2005 revealed that 40% of all U.S. employees hold jobs that could be done at home. In the five years since that study, technology capabilities have skyrocketed, making it possible to handle almost any job remotely. But it is more than just the fact that business can be accomplished outside of the office that is so compelling. Employees prefer flexible work arrangements and teleworking to the typical day at the office. And businesses are finding that worker productivity increases when telework is an option.

No commute. Fewer disruptions and work-related stress. Less leave time. Telework offers numerous benefits to the business and employee. Cutting-edge technology available through Telework packages saves time and money, streamlining business tasks like never before.

British Telecom reported that they found productivity rose 31% when they made 9,000 of their 80,000 employees teleworkers. While this increase in productivity is impossible to deny, the cost saved when there is less employee turnover is even more appealing. Teleworkers tend to be happier in their careers and more loyal to their companies, meaning these businesses ultimately spend less on recruitment and training costs.

Metro Offices is dedicated to helping teleworkers succeed by arming them with all the tools and technology necessary to perform their jobs more efficiently and from any location. Our Telework and Telework Premier packages are designed to help clients work from anywhere they have Internet capability. An innovative VoIP platform allows teleworkers to access all of their essential information to perform work as they would in the office, but without the commute and typical office disruptions.

For times when teleworkers require face-to-face meetings or trainings, Metro Offices provides access to professional, fully-equipped conference rooms and training rooms throughout the Metro DC area, including Virginia and Maryland. With these types of business solutions, teleworkers are set up for success and businesses can cut costs while increasing productivity. It’s a win-win situation.

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