VoIP Technology: The Key to Successful DC Telework Programs

VoIP Technology: The Key to Successful DC Telework Programs

As Federal agencies are seeking the most effective methods for incorporating telework into their business practices, VoIP technology is emerging as a top tool for successful telework programs. Voice over Internet Protocol is cutting edge technology that allows teleworkers to achieve optimum communication without skipping a beat, whether they are on-the-go, working from a home office, or working remotely from anywhere that has Internet access.

VoIP provides increased flexibility and productivity to keep government contractors and federal agencies working optimally while meeting the federal government’s call to increase telework efforts. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking tool, allowing teleworkers to use the phone while simultaneously accessing all other essential information and working online. All of this can be done away from the traditional office, which means teleworkers can conduct business as usual from remote locations.

Additionally, VoIP technology keeps employees connected to other team members and clients, maximizing communication efforts. Good communication is key to the success of new telework programs.

VoIP technology comes as part of Metro Offices’ Telework Solutions packages custom designed to meet the individual needs of teleworkers. With these services, there’s no hassle with complex hardware or maintenance, because expert tech support is available to ensure the VoIP technology runs smoothly at all times, day and night.

For agencies and businesses seeking to decrease costs, VoIP technology is a great choice. Businesses utilizing VoIP reportedly save from 30% to 50% of traditional phone bills.

The additional benefits to utilizing VoIP service include:

  • Call forwarding to an available person
  • Calls answered from a prestigious DC Metro office
  • Calls transferred efficiently
  • Call screening
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Follow me/Find me phone technology
  • All essential information anywhere there is wireless Internet
  • Unified Communications and a local number, even if your physical office is in another state.

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