Top Three Tips for Managing DC Telework Employees

Top Three Tips for Managing DC Telework Employees

With the Federal government’s push to increase telework efforts, many managers are left wondering exactly how to effectively implement a telework program. One of the primary questions emerging is how to manage telework employees to ensure they keep productivity high. Below are three tips for managing DC telework employees to ensure business continues as usual, even as it is done remotely.

1. Choose the right employees and positions for teleworking.

Not every position is right for telework. While most jobs can be conducted outside of the office, there are some that require face-to-face interaction with team members or use of specialized equipment that is only available in the traditional office environment. In addition to considering the positions, evaluate employees’ work ethic to determine if telework is a good option. Employees who currently perform well in the office are likely to do well working remotely. However, those who require consistent guidance or assistance may need to be in closer proximity to management.

2. Provide necessary telework training and support.

Employees who are new to telework need the proper training and support when it comes to the essential technology they will use to work remotely. Metro Offices Telework Solutions are designed to help agencies and businesses establishing telework programs gain an understanding about how to transition employees from working in the office to working outside of the office. Whether employees will be utilizing VoIP technology, FlexDesks, or shared office space, the right training will get them started on the right foot and offer the support they need to keep productivity high from Day One.

3. Provide convenient DC virtual office space.

Although most job tasks can be conducted from home via telework technology, there are times when telework employees will require a professional office space for meetings, trainings and other business-related tasks. Employees can have on-demand access to fully-equipped office space in a convenient location. There’s no need to travel all of the way to the permanent office location for a meeting when there are more than 34 professional DC metro area sites available through simple online reservations. Whether employees need to have face-to-face meetings, teleconferences or just want to make copies of documents, they can find everything they need in these fully-equipped physical workspaces.

Telework is truly the new and improved way of conducting business. Federal agencies and other business can save time and money when more employees telework, and productivity can remain high and even increase with the right telework solutions.

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