Washington DC Historic Facts

Washington DC Historic Facts

Your Washington DC office space isn’t just a place to work. DC is a city wrapped up in tons of history. In 1790, DC was established as the political epicenter of our country, and since then the city has been saturated with numerous historical events.

Fun historic facts about Washington DC that you might not know:

  • Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant was commissioned by George Washington to design D.C., and he based his designs on European cities like Paris and Amsterdam, which is why DC has sweeping boulevards and diagonal streets leading away from the main areas and plazas, opposed to the more typical grid system you see in other American cities.
  • In 1792, construction of the White House began, but George Washington never had a chance to live there before it was complete. John Adams was the first President to occupy the White House.
  • During the War of 1812 when the British burned the White House, First Lady Dolley Madison refused to leave her home until the last possible moment, and on her way out grabbed a full length portrait of George Washington and a copy of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Citizens of the capital actually have no voting representation, because the District is under the legislation of Congress. Residents are seeking change by requesting the district become a statehood – to be called New Columbia – and petitioned Congress about this issue on September 9, 1983.
  • Washington DC is a thriving multi-cultural epicenter, boasting over 1,000 internationally owned companies and more than 175 embassies.

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