Washington Virtual Offices

Washington Virtual Offices

When you are growing a startup, you have a lot of balls to juggle at once. The fate of your business usually rests on the shoulders of one person (you) that is responsible for the administrative, financial, marketing and sales aspects of your company.

Metro Offices makes the life of an entrepreneur easier – you don’t have to do it all on your own! Our Telework Plus solutions were created for the busy startup owner just like yourself. Our DC meeting spaces give you the freedom to meet clients in a professional, convenient meeting room outside of your home. We also provide access to state of the art technology which will allow you to conduct video conferencing with colleagues in the next town, or the next country.

Our Telework Plus options give you access to a secure Washington virtual office at anytime:


Because of our VoIP system, you can stay connected 24/7 to all of your colleagues, anywhere in the world. No more driving long distances to work together as a team!


Not only do we have 8 locations available throughout the DC, VA and MD areas, but we also provide 24/7 access to turnkey ready office suites, 40 conference rooms and 8 training rooms, and complete technology and administrative support. Do you have global clients? Not a problem! Metro Offices also has connections with 1,200 meeting rooms worldwide that you are able to access with an easy online reservation system.

This option makes sense for the growing startup. You can cut costs by not having to invest in pricey equipment necessary for your day-to-day tasks (copiers, fax machines, video conferencing equipment, etc.) and increase productivity by instead using your time and funds to work on growing your business. Telework Plus allows you to broaden the horizons of your company’s capabilities while at the same time allowing the option of flexibility.

You can watch our Telework Plus Webinar here.

Contact Metro Offices today to learn more about signing on with Telework Plus.


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