What’s next for DC Telework?

What’s next for DC Telework?

The Telework Improvements Act passed late Wednesday in the House, and now many telework supporters as well as skeptics are left wondering, what’s next? There was much discussion on social media sites and in the media about the pros and cons of telework in the days and months prior to the bill passing, and now is the time when federal agencies and government contractors will put aside these discussions and move on to determine how to implement telework into their operations.

The bill, which passed 290 to 131, was designed to jumpstart the government’s telework program by expanding remote working options. The legislation requires agencies to appoint a telework managing officer to set up policy to encourage more employees to work from home or an approved center for telework like Metro Offices.

Federal agencies and government contractors will also receive more telework guidance through the bill, including policy for increased monitoring and guideline enforcement. For example, certain employees with a history of inappropriate Internet usage or excessive work absences will not be allowed to telework. Additionally, the Government Accountability Office will gather data to determine whether the telework programs are effective.

Agencies Will Succeed in Telework Efforts with the Right Support


As agencies and government contractors move forward to expand, or in many cases, establish telework programs, the right support and solutions will be essential to success. Having proven telework solutions in place will eliminate the trial and error typical of developing new programs.

Agencies utilizing Metro Offices’ telework solutions will begin Day One with all of the support and technology necessary to complete every work task remotely.  Even meetings and trainings can be handled with ease outside of the office, thanks to Metro’s fully-equipped DC meeting rooms.

With solutions including telephone answering services, professional administrative support, on-demand access to executive office space, and other virtual office services, agencies can gain a competitive advantage and be one-step ahead in adopting telework practices.

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