Partnering With DC Contractors & Agency for Telework

Partnering With DC Contractors & Agency for Telework

A Federal Computer Week report recently revealed that government contractors and federal employees are not any happier with their agencies’ telework programs despite a push from the Obama administration to expand teleworking efforts.

Even with the numerous monetary and productivity benefits outlined for agencies, there is a resistance to changing the way business is conducted. With an understanding of the technology support and customized services available to DC Metro area government contractors and agencies, even skeptical agencies can partner with Metro to improve these statistics and get more employees on the track to telework success, fulfilling the call from the government.

In an area named as the “tech powerhouse” of the nation, the DC area offers great opportunity for government contractors to lead the way to increased telework efforts, providing an example for other businesses and industries across the country.

Metro Offices is a tech leader in its own industry, providing innovative telework solutions and on-demand executive office space, and can provide the support necessary for federal agencies to initiate or improve a telework program.

Metro Offices technology features include:

  • Managed, Secure IT infrastructure
  • High-speed bandwidth to suite any type of business
  • State of the art telephony
  • Customized phone answering and forwarding
  • Audio and Web conferencing programs
  • Full IT support packages for small business

With these services and more, federal agencies and government contractors can step out into the world of telework with confidence, knowing they have trained Metro Offices support staff to guide them through the process. The reality is that telework increases productivity and helps agencies to cut costs, so the primary barriers to success are skepticism and a resistance to change.

When more businesses are able to break through these barriers and access the telework solutions available to them, government contractors will work more efficiently no matter where their location, employee morale will increase and the DC Metro Area will become not only the tech powerhouse of the nation but also the telework leader.

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