DC Teleworkers Can Experience the Benefits of Metro Office’s New Partnership with Officescape

DC Teleworkers Can Experience the Benefits of Metro Office’s New Partnership with Officescape

A new partnership between leading telework company Officescape® and Metro Offices will change and improve the way people do business in the DC Metro Area. This is the first collaboration between the most experienced DC Office Space provider and the innovative telework technology Officescape® provides.

Officescape® utilizes advanced technology and offers the next-generation of office services today by combining virtual office flexibility with physical office functionality. What this means for DC area teleworkers and businesses is the benefit of a state-of-the-art workplace solutions and cutting-edge telework technology to take remote business practices to a higher level of productivity and effectiveness.

With these services, businesses can accomplish all work tasks and projects away from a permanent office location, decreasing office-related costs while keeping productivity at the highest level. As companies are seeking more affordable and practical methods to do business, this partnership comes at the perfect time to meet needs for location flexibility and budget constraints.

From government contractors and home-based businesses to start-ups and companies of any size, the combination of telework solutions and on-demand physical office space provides businesses with a distinct advantage over competitors. Businesses stuck in the old way of doing business are unable to keep up with today’s transitioning business environment, which is why taking advantage of these innovative solutions sets businesses apart from the pack.

With the expansion of federal government and contractors in the Washington, DC area, on-demand professional offices, telework services and FlexDesks are emerging as ideal alternatives to traditional offices. Furthermore, traffic congestion in the metropolitan area can be significantly relieved by government and corporate changes through the location flexibility telework and access to DC office space provide.

For more information on Telework, Executive Office Spaces, FlexDesk and other cost-effective business solutions visit Metro Offices online at www.metroffice.com.

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