From Coffee Shop to Coworking Space: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

From Coffee Shop to Coworking Space: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

It’s been several decades since remote work became an accepted concept among professionals. So why are so many people still working in coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, and other such locales? The appeal might seem obvious. For the cost of a latte or breakfast sandwich, you can have a comfortable seat and several hours of uninterrupted work time and free, fast, and secure internet.

The fact is, the main purpose of cafes and other eateries is not to be your office space. So why not go somewhere that caters to people like you — those looking for affordable, flexible, shared office space with multiple amenities? Let’s look at top reasons freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote workers in the Washington, DC area should consider leaving that coffee shop behind and coming to Metro Offices.

Reliable Wi-Fi 

We’ve all been there: working at a place generous enough to offer free public Wi-Fi, and suddenly we’re kicked off. It’s no more than an annoyance if all you’re doing is browsing Reddit, but when you’re on a work deadline and it happens, it’s your livelihood you’re talking about. If you use a top coworking space like Metro Offices, you’ll never have to worry about the Wi-Fi and its reliability or security. With fast, secure internet (and an award-winning tech team to make sure it stays that way), Metro Offices is the way to go.   

Free beverages

Getting several hours’ worth of work for the price of a coffee and pastry might seem like a bargain, but let’s be realistic. Is that all you’re really buying over the course of a half-day working at Starbucks? Probably not. Even if you’re not eating much, you’re surely shelling out for more than one beverage, and coffee-house drinks can get pricey fast. At Metro Offices, you’ll have access to a variety of unlimited coffees, teas, and filtered water — free with your membership. Yes, we do mean unlimited.

No non-work commotion

No surprise here, but coffee shops can be loud. Of course, some noise can be good for worker productivity, but that’s generally not the kind produced at a place that sells food and beverages. Perhaps you expect the constant rumble of at least one espresso machine, the order-shouting of employees and the conversation of patrons. How will you explain that in the background of an incoming call from a potential or new client? You’re far better off at a spot reserved for people doing what you’re doing: work. 

Personal Office Space

Privacy when you need it

In any line of work, there are going to be times you need to take a call in private. For those, Metro Offices has phone booths, one-on-one rooms, and private offices. Maybe your new venture is growing rapidly and you’ve brought on a small team. It’s brainstorm time and you need something semi-private. Try one of our collaboration spaces and get some space to yourselves while you remain in the larger coworking environment. 

If it’s not needed, don’t spend your budget on traditional, multi-year office lease or constant attendance at your local coffee shop. Come to Metro Offices instead.  Browse our locations today.

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