How to Host a Breakfast Meeting

Do you remember the good ol’ days when lunch meetings lasted for hours, and participants lingered over wine bottle after wine bottle, barely talking about business and just enjoying the afternoon? Yeah, I don’t either. But 30 years ago that was the normal way to participate in a lunch meeting.

The fact is, the business environment has now evolved in such a way that those types of meetings are no longer productive. Now insert the breakfast meeting. Breakfast?! You say. But think about it: breakfast meetings are a whole different ball game. The time commitment is shorter, the cost is cheaper, the food is quick and easier to eat, and because a breakfast meeting is first thing in the morning, it won’t disrupt the flow of the work day by forcing everyone to stop what they are doing midday and go offsite for something they may consider a waste of time.

So now we know that breakfast meetings are more ideal than lunch meetings. Most everyone’s agenda will agree with this sentiment. If you have a DC meeting space and employ a small number of people to help your business, there’s a good chance they either work from home or telework once a week from a DC office space. Breakfast meetings are a great way to catch up with everyone weekly and make sure projects are getting completed and other work is always in the pipeline.

Here are some tips on how to host a successful breakfast meeting:

  • Send out an agenda a couple of days before. This lets people prepare ahead of time for the discussion points, and also helps them learn to keep their updates summarized in a clear and concise manner.
  • Have coffee and breakfast BEFORE the meeting. It gives people a chance to chat.
  • Have an assortment of options to suit everyone: scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, bagels with cream cheese, and donut holes are some great ideas.
  • Start and end on time.
  • Make sure to have plenty of coffee, water, and orange juice.

You can see that you really don’t have to do much to make sure the morning runs smoothly! And by starting a meeting first thing in the morning, you can avoid that midday slump that usually comes from eating a heavy meal during a lunch time meeting.

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