Flexible Office Spaces: Managing the Mobile Workforce

Flexible Office Spaces: Managing the Mobile Workforce

Mobility and flexibility are two of the key differences between a traditional business and a modern one. As technology continues to improve, a new kind of labor force has emerged—a mobile workforce. To make the most of this new age staff, many companies have started adopting innovative workplace setups, such as a virtual office in DC and workspace on demand.

According to a study on teleworking conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) on 212 companies of various sizes in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States:

The companies surveyed said that offering their employees the opportunity to telecommute increased productivity (67%), reduced costs (59%), improved employee skills (39%), bolstered staff retention (37%) and reduced health problems (25%).

For many companies, having this kind of setup can be both exciting and unnerving, especially when you don’t know what to look for in a mobile and flexible workplace. At Metro Offices, we want to help make things easier. Here’s some information about modern workspaces that you should know about:

Workspace On Demand Gives Businesses Peace of Mind

The uncertainty of having a space to work in when needed is one of the reasons some companies have second thoughts about switching to this type of setup. Workspace on demand is the answer to this problem.

With workspace on demand, you won’t have to worry about not having a place for your monthly staff meeting or a reliable connection to present your business plan to a very important client.

For less than $2 a day, you get access to workspaces that fit your needs. You can also work in our executive café or business lounge for three hours every day at any of our nine Metro Offices locations. You’ll find us at Chevy Chase in Maryland and at Arlington, Fairfax, Herndon, Reston, and McLean in Virginia. We are also at Farragut, Connecticut Avenue, and Metro Center in Washington DC. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and receive discounts on our other services.

A Virtual Office Reduces Real Estate Costs

For many businesses, real estate is one of the biggest capital investments, comprising at least 25% of a company’s assets. The cost of office construction and the acquisition of other assets for your business’s daily operations can easily add up. Research shows that one workstation may cost about $10,000–$15,000 annually.

A DC virtual office is a good alternative that can help you save thousands of dollars on company expenses.

We can help your company establish its business presence in any of the top business sites without the hefty price tag of a traditional real estate investment. In addition, you’ll get services from our reliable staff who can receive your mails, answer business calls, and more.

A Shared Workspace Improves Efficiency

One of the reasons many companies prefer shared workspaces is the technology that often comes with them. With Metro Offices, you’ll enjoy enterprise-grade technology that helps improve your business’s efficiency.

The following are some of the technology services you may enjoy in our offices:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data center service
  • Web development and hosting
  • Unified communications
  • Help desk

There are many ways of starting and managing your business efficiently. With a workforce that’s always on the go, the demand for mobile and flexible workplaces is increasing.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our flexible office spaces and their features.

(Article Excerpt from The benefits of flexible workspaces, Deskmag, July 18, 2010)

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