How Intellectual is Arlington County?

How Intellectual is Arlington County?

Remember last week when I told you that around 70% of the population in Arlington county has college degrees? This article dives further into my point.

It’s a pretty good area to be in, if brains are your MO.

You may be wondering why such intelligent people are centralized in this one location. The answer is due to a few reasons:

One being the fact that many people who work in the District have jobs that require bachelor’s degrees. These people therefore reside in Arlington due to proximity, which makes the county one of the smartest areas to be in as far as human capital is concerned.

Arlington also boasts nationally ranked public schools and universities, which naturally draws a more intellectual crowd into their ranks. People from all over the world come here to seek

Lastly, half of Arlington residents age 18-24 have bachelor’s degrees, which puts the county in a very competitive place as far as jobs and the economy is concerned.

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