How to Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

No one wants to be rejected, but the fact is, it’s a normal part of life. You can’t hide behind your Washington DC virtual office forever! You must jump head first into the business world in order to give your company a fighting chance. People who have a healthy perspective of rejection tend to have minimal fear when it comes to moving forward or taking risks in business. The less fear you have, the greater your chances at success are.

So eliminate fear by being able to handle rejection with grace. Things like preconditioned beliefs and assumptions can play awful tricks on your peace of mind. Take more control over the situation using the tips outlined below:

Don’t take rejections personally

I know this sounds tough, but if you can detach from the emotional aspect of it being a personal reflection of YOU (I promise, it’s not) then this will eliminate probably 85% of your stress. Realize that sometimes the timing is just wrong, and that’s why it didn’t pan out.

Neutralize the sting

Rejection can hurt because maybe you’ve received a hefty number of “no’s”, or if you’re emotionally invested in the situation – for example: dealing with a close friend or someone you deeply respect. If you’ve been getting a lot of rejections, put things into perspective: sometimes entrepreneurs can go through dozens (or thousands) of rejections before finding the right fit. If you’re emotionally connected, detach from the outcome of the situation. Even if it doesn’t work out in your favor, you have developed a very valuable business contact. You never know how that will come in handy in the future.

Change your approach

If you keep meeting resistance (multiple rejections) then change your tactic! For phone calls, switch up your pitch and see if that delivers some fresh results. Take a hard look at your business plan and see if you can revise a few things to make it better. Another great way to amp up your game is to find a mentor. Not sure how to find a mentor? I give you some tips, here.

There are an infinite number of routes to take on the road to success. Rejection is part of the deal, so don’t let it discourage you. Think of it instead as a friendly nudge that you need a new approach. Be open to different opportunities until you reach your destination!

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