Working Remotely From a DC Office Space – How To Get Your Boss To Trust You

Working Remotely From a DC Office Space – How To Get Your Boss To Trust You


Telework is nothing new these days, and it’s possible to work from any DC office space provided you have Internet access. Technology isn’t stopping you. Opportunity isn’t stopping you. But your manager may be. Getting your boss to understand the perks of working from a meeting room in Washington DC  can be a difficult task. And mainly it comes down to trust – does your boss trust you enough to get your work done when you aren’t under direct supervision?

If you’re having trouble convincing upper management to get on board, try these tips outlined below:


More than likely, your boss is concerned about not being able to get in touch should he need you. Make sure he has access to your calendar to know where you are at all times. If there is a meeting you don’t want to miss, you can use the state of the art video conferencing equipment at Metro Offices’ many DC area locations. It’s important to use technology to your benefit – show that you are available!


This is a great way to ease into teleworking. In the beginning, just try it out for a couple days a week. Be sure to keep your colleagues and your boss in the loop via email or video conferencing. This way, together you all can work out the kinks and make improvements with very minimal commitment before the initial launch.


Working remotely means you have to go the extra mile when communicating your performance to your boss. Give weekly updates, show him to do lists you have prepared, and all items completed so he knows where you stand on each project.

The important thing here is for your boss to understand the ease of the transition process, and how beneficial teleworking can be. Should an urgent work request arise, you can easily pop into any DC area Metro Offices location (9 to choose from!) and use an executive office, a meeting room, or the video conferencing equipment.

If you’re interested in learning more about using a Metro Office space for the day, contact us here!

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