Office Space Trends: How to Make Hoteling Work for Your Business

Office Space Trends: How to Make Hoteling Work for Your Business

Previously we took a look at hoteling, a new trend in the workplace that allows highly mobile employees to temporarily reserve a desk, office or meeting room electronically, before they visit the office. This workspace strategy gives these workers the assurance they won’t have to work in the lobby or kitchen when they’re in town, and helps organizations save on operating expenses by reducing the need for office square footage.

hotelingIf your organization is contemplating a hoteling system, here are some tips to make this structure work well for both employees and management.

  • Provide excellent service. Ensure your administrative staff runs the hoteling system efficiently, fairly and professionally.
  • Plan for peak demand. Determine the maximum number of spaces you would potentially use on the busiest day, and plan for that capacity – even if it means there are always unused spaces. If your employees find that workspaces and meeting rooms are repeatedly booked because not enough space is allotted for hoteling, they will lose confidence in the entire system.
  • Stick to your guns. You may find that employees make hoteling reservations “just in case,” or those who have not made a reservation claim an empty space unannounced. To honor the hoteling process, those without reservations should be given them and asked to move, if necessary. People who make reservations and don’t use them could be reminded that there are others who need the space.
  • Recognize the sacrifice. Most employees will not prefer hoteling over having a permanent office where they can display individuality and have a sense of place. Recognize that employees are making a sacrifice by participating in the hoteling system, and reward them for helping the company in this way.

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Hoteling is just another way Metro Offices can help you make innovative use of office space and meeting space in Washington, DC, to accommodate your employees and your business. If your organization is contemplating hoteling, contact Metro Offices today at (703) 871-5208 for a free workspace consultation.


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