Why Meetings Should Be Gadget-Free

Why Meetings Should Be Gadget-Free

Meetings are all about making things happen. All the effort will go to waste if you have nothing to show for it at the end. If your meetings have been less productive lately, perhaps gadgets and devices brought to the meeting are to blame.

Gadget Free

Metro Offices talks about the surprising effects of modern technology on meeting productivity.

Multitasking with Devices and Gadgets During Meetings Can be Detrimental

Research has shown that multitasking is inefficient. The human brain works better when it focuses on one specific thing. Leaving all non-essential technology at the door, like tablets and smartphones, is a good way to ensure a productive meeting environment. The participants will no longer try to check their emails or work on reports.

The presentation has to be effective for participants to pay attention, as well. At Metro Offices, we provide workspace and meeting solutions in Ballston, VA and 9 other Metro DC locations, including presentation design, overhead projectors, white boards, and flip charts. We will help you make a dynamic and engaging presentation through our top-notch equipment and facilities.

Using Gadgets during Meetings Makes You Look Bad

Another study showed that 76% of employees consider checking texts or emails during meetings as undesirable. The problem is no one can tell who is taking notes and who is being distracted. Making meetings tech-free removes this problem, encouraging participants to be more visible and accountable. After all, it is easier to tell who is listening or not when people cannot hide behind their laptop.

Note Taking Using Devices Does Not Work as Well as Writing

Science has provided evidence that physically writing things down improves memory recall and understanding. Digital note taking does not have the same benefits. Using pen and paper engages your brain more and stops meeting participants from zoning out.

Removing laptops and smartphones from meetings and switching to physical note taking is now easier with our help. Our day and private offices in Ballston, VA have the supplies you will need. Metro Offices provides office solutions that will help your business thrive in today’s environment. Our meeting space features everything you need to create dynamic and productive meetings. We provide an all-in-one business support solutions, giving you the support structure of a regular office with a much more flexible price and schedule.

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