Seeking Private Office Space in Maryland? Try Now!

Seeking Private Office Space in Maryland? Try Now!

Since the start of the global pandemic last year, millions of people have been working remotely. For most, that’s meant working from home, a scene you’re probably more than a little tired of viewing.

If you’re in the DC area but not in DC proper, you may assume there are no affordable, professional private- office options within reasonable commuting distance. Well, think again. Metro Offices’ Chevy Chase location has everything you’re looking for in flexible office space: beautiful, well-appointed work stations and private offices; secure, high-speed Wi-Fi; a state-of-the-art, onsite fitness center, and more. But there’s more.

Below, we discuss the top three reasons you should check us out in Friendship Heights.

Top transportation

Located right in the heart of Friendship Heights, our 2 Wisconsin Circle location is within a quick jaunt of the Friendship Heights Metro Station on the Red Line. So if you don’t feel like driving, just hop on the train. Of course, now that spring has officially sprung, and you’re looking to get an outdoor workout in, why not cycle to work? No bike, no problem. Become a bike share-service member and rent one. CityBikes, for example, has bikes for rent right at the Friendship Heights Metro.  So pedal in, stow your wheels and come on in to work.

Shopping, anyone?

If you’re like a lot of other people who purchased solely online during most of the pandemic, you may have found yourself buying and returning wrong-sized items more times than you care to recall. For a sure fit, nothing beats real, in-person try-ons of clothing and shoes (as long as it’s all done safely, of course). 

When you work out of our Maryland location, you can take a break from work, stow your possessions in the secure, lockable compartments we have in all our private-office spaces, and head downstairs for shopping at a variety of different stores. 

Want a great bargain? TJ Maxx is right here. Beautifully made basics? J. Crew is just down the way. Something a bit more upscale? Saks Fifth Avenue is located in Friendship Heights’ own Mazza Gallerie. 

Nosh options

When’s lunch? That’s something you’ll be asking yourself even earlier than usual when you work from our Maryland spot. There’s no shortage of choices there for your midday meal; it all depends on your mood and the occasion. 

Perhaps you’re meeting a longtime client. Clyde’s of Chevy Chase is the perfect blend of casual and elegant, and it offers patio dining. Need to fuel up fast? McDonald’s is a seven-minute walk from our office. Grabbing food with several coworkers — none of whom has the same taste in food? Head to the Cheesecake Factory for unlimited-seeming menu options. The restaurant is just four minutes away, on foot, from the office. And the prices? Very reasonable.


Ready to ditch your ‘home office’ for something a little more professional — and private? Try a lockable, enclosed office space at one of Metro Offices’ nine locations. Contact us today to learn more.

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