4 Key Factors for an Effective Virtual Team

4 Key Factors for an Effective Virtual Team

Virtual teams are on the rise as telecommuting becomes more common. For your business to succeed in today’s environment, you need to learn how to get your virtual teams right. Metro Offices explains how you can create and lead an effective virtual team through the right team composition, leadership, touchpoints, and technology.

Team Composition

It all starts with getting the right people for the job and putting them in groups of the right size. Your virtual team members need to have a few things in common. They should be independent and resilient, along with having high emotional intelligence and good communication skills.

The most effective virtual teams have fewer than 10 people. For complicated tasks, assemble sub-teams that focus on one specific job. Lastly, we recommend going for our virtual office in Arlington, VA. This will allow your team members to have the flexibility and support they need for the job.


There are some key behaviors you can practice to lead your virtual team to success. You need to foster trust within your team by showing respect and empathy. Once you have established trust, encourage open dialogue. Promote constructive criticism and recognize people when they improve communication and collaboration.

Lastly, make it clear that multitasking during team calls is not acceptable. When your team uses our virtual office in Reston, VA, they will be in an environment that improves focus and productivity. They will have access to our high-speed Internet and telecommunications platform, so they can concentrate during team calls.


Virtual teams also need to meet in person during critical stages during a project. Meeting face-to-face during the initial meeting sets expectations for trust and candor and clarifies team goals and behavioral guidelines. For the same reason, it is also advisable if virtual teams meet in person whenever a new member joins. Finally, the team needs to meet when celebrating their achievements or solving tough problems. This improves teamwork and makes your team more engaged.


Finally, you need the right technology for your team. Our virtual office in Washington DC can deliver. Our virtual office packages feature enterprise-grade internet and a unified communications platform. They also have administrative and technological support to improve reliability. Your team can perform conference calling, direct calling, and discuss issues in virtual team rooms.

By following these practices, you can improve collaboration, increase innovation, and enhance your virtual team’s productivity. Metro Offices provides flexible virtual office packages that can help a team that is constantly on the go. We also provide day offices, hoteling, meeting spaces, and collaboration spaces for the times when you need face-to-face interaction or a traditional office. Call us at +1 (703) 991-0963 to learn more about managing a virtual team.

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